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About the Doghavior Canine Behavior Type Index®

The Doghavior Canine Behavior Type Index® is a registered trademark of Arimist P/L. 

The concept was developed by Dr Jacqueline Perkins and Kenneth Dagley after years of behavioral consulting and research.

The goals of the Doghavior Canine Behavior Type Index® are to:

  • assist in understanding the behaviors your dog displays
  • increase your enjoyment of your dog
  • help improve your dog's lifestyle
  • provide some options for your dog problems

The motivation to produce the Doghavior Canine Behavior Type Index® came from repeatedly seeing dogs with similar personalities throughout the course of Dr Perkins' career as a Veterinary Behaviorist. Dogs with certain personality types are more difficult to manage in a domestic setting. No method for identifying canine personality types existed, which is hardly surprising given that dogs’ possession of a personality is not widely accepted amongst animal behavior experts. Like all dog owners, ‘it was obvious to Dr Perkins that dogs do have different personalities.


She decided to research a way to characterize a dog’s personality, and to produce a management and training schema for each personality type. This would enable dog lovers everywhere to access information, to better understand their canine companion and enjoy them more and to understand and solve their problem dog behaviors.

The dog-human bond is a beautiful, precious thing.


Uses of the Doghavior Canine Behavior Type Index®

  Through the centuries, experienced dog handlers have chosen dogs to perform select jobs based largely on intuition. The Doghavior Canine Behavior Type Index® formalizes that intuition. It provides an understanding of canine character types not previously available.   It is a tool for all; professional dog handlers, trainers, behaviorists, and pet owners. It can help to match the right dog to a job, identify personality clashes, solve problems, and serve as a therapeutic tool to vastly improve the rich love between human and dog.   Each dog is a complicated being and requires a tailored approach.

The Doghavior Canine Behavior Type Index® is the very first systematic method to recognize this. The behavioral methods outlined in each profile apply to multiple profiles, though the importance of each method varies between the different canine personality types.

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